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Seattle entrepreneur carries on family success to a new level

By James Tabafunda / Northwest Asian Weekly
Nov. 17, 2007


CalvinTang  co-founder of

Entrepreneurship runs in the Tang family in Bellevue, and so do the uncommon personal qualities of patience and resilience.

Whenpatriarch Gordon Tang arrived in the United States in 1949 as a17-year-old from Taiwan, he had a “tremendously tough life for most ofhis time here until he was about 38,” according to his son, Calvin.

It was 1970 when Gordon finally started his own business in real estate development and property management

Gordon’slong-term patience paid off because his business became successful,owning, at one point, “a majority of the University District.”

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Looking for next Web ‘Idol’

Schilling to be judge in venture firm’s contest
By Frank Quaratiello
Sunday, November 18, 200


Photo by Lisa Hornak

Aspiring entrepreneurs will get a chance to pitch their ideas to a Red Sox [team stats] star who knows a thing or two about pitching.

Sox ace Curt Schilling [stats] is one of the judges looking for the next Google or YouTube or Facebook among the ideas submitted at, in what is the latest twist on the business plan contest concept.

F. Mark Modzelewski of Cambridge’s Bang Ventures, who conceived the idea, says the YouBeTheVC competition combines the ideas behind “venture capital and ‘American Idol’ with a little bit of wisdom of the crowd thrown in.”

Contestants submit their ideas by filling out an online application at by Feb. 1.

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The tiny team

Kelly Berger, 38, Laura Ching, 34, Ed Han, 36
Mountain View, Calif.
Lesson: Picking the right partner can be as important as picking a product
The tiny team
The desire to work together led these three friends to start a company that makes custom cards.
Not every business kicks off with a breakthrough idea. Or any idea at all. This one grew out of a bond shared by three friends: Kelly Berger, Laura Ching and Ed Han. "We were always hanging out, always bantering over ideas," recalls Han, who brought them together. He'd met Ching at business school, Berger at the start-up he worked for after graduating in 2000.

Soon the three were meeting once a week. "We really got along great," says Han. "We thought, 'Why not work with people you like?' " Plus, their skills were complementary. Han would handle operations; Berger, technology; and Ching, with her eye for design, would head marketing. So they began exploring ideas. One notion, a social-networking site for college alumni, fizzled, but it taught them that they didn't want a business that would consume a lot of money and require outside help. "We didn't want pressure from investors," says Han. "We wanted a place where we could work together for 30 years."

That place began to take shape in 2003, when Han's wife got pregnant. Searching online for birth announcements, he couldn't find any modern designs. In 2004 the threesome pooled their combined savings of $10,000 to launch Tiny Prints (, where customers personalize cards that go for about $2 apiece. They quickly expanded to other occasions and, in mid-2005, stopped working out of their homes and began renting office space. Two years later, the company's revenue has surpassed $10 million. Oh, and the three still like one another. "Day to day, we try to stay out of each other's business," says Ching. "And when we make joint decisions, like about pricing, we make sure the company doesn't get in the way of our friendship."
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Top sites in Europe in August 2006: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!

Posted by ZDNet Research @ 12:30 am  11/1/2006
Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! sites ranked as the top 3 spots among European Internet users, with each remaining relatively flat versus July. Of the top 10 European sites, Wikipedia saw the greatest gain during August, growing 9% to 50.9 mln visitors.

Top sites in Europe

  Audience, 000
Total European
Google 159,632
Microsoft 144,806
Yahoo! 99,116
eBay 88,810
Time Warner 60,371
Wikipedia 50,877
Amazon 42,563
Adobe 31,350
Vodafone 30,480
Ask Network 30,461
Source: comScore
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