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SSI: Seattle Web 2.0 Startup Index (May 07 edition)

By Marcelo Calbucci

Another time for the highly antecipated Seattle Startup Index -- the list of all Seattle Internet startups order by Alexa Ranking. 

Yapta continues its impressive growth, by moving 22 positions up. But this time the biggest winner is RescueTime moving 41 positions! The other positive mentions are Wishpot (up 19) and ReelTime (up 18).

iLike deserves a special mention moving two positions and passing Zillow and 43 Things to become the #1 startup in Seattle
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Study: Hotel rooms have unseen guests

By MARILYNN MARCHIONE, AP Medical WriterFri Sep 29, 5:55 PM ET

Hotel guests leave behind more than just socks and old paperbacks: A new study found viruses on TV remotes, light switches and even hotel pens after cold sufferers checked out.

The germ testing was done before the rooms were cleaned, so it likely overstates the risks that most travelers would face. Nevertheless, it shows the potential hazards if a hotel's turnaround amounts to little more than changing the sheets and wiping out the tub.

"You sure hope the cleaning people were good," said Dr. Owen Hendley, the University of Virginia pediatrician who presented results of the study Friday at a meeting of the American Society for Microbiology.

Besides hotel hazards, the findings point out things that people may not think to clean in their homes when someone has a cold.

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The Underground Menu at L'Enclume 

On Sunday night the GF and I ate at L'Enclume in Cartmel. We signed up for the "Underground Menu", advertised as " No holds barred, no deviations" and running to as many as 26 courses. The chef Simon Rogan is possibly the most innovative chef in the UK, pushing forward concepts and ideas in molecular gastronomy more than anyone except Ferran Adria. It's safe to say that I was more excited about this meal than anything I've eaten since the Fat Duck.
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Google Unveils Mashup Tools

New widgets help personalize maps with dynamic content from diverse sources.

Heather Havenstein, Computerworld
Saturday, July 14, 2007 09:00 AM PDT

Google has announced new widgets called Mapplets that will let users gather data from multiple sources to personalize maps.

By adding mini-applications like real-time weather conditions or listings of local events, Google hopes to make it easier for non-technical users to easily build maps with dynamic content, according to a blog posting by Google product manager Thai Tran.


"We noticed many of these mashups simply displayed a static set of places on a map, such as the best bars in San Francisco, yet the authors had to set up a website and write Javascript code to generate the map, which is not something that we could expect the average person to do." Tran wrote. "We also noticed that much of this great content was not getting discovered, even though millions of users were coming to Google Maps every day and searching."

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