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Craigslist, Online Shopping Attract Seniors

Natali Del Conte - PC Magazine
Sat Oct 20, 2007 10:18 AM ET

By far the most entertaining panel at the Web 2.0 Summit was the conversation with users who do not work in the technology industry. Last year, Safa Rashtchy, an analyst at Piper Jaffray and Company, talked to teenagers and their parents about how they use the Web. This year, Rashtchy talked to six Baby Boomers, which made for a comical perspective of the Internet.

"I've used the Internet for one year now and I know everything," said a 55 year-old woman named Ev Corzberg.

Corzberg and her husband Les have an addiction to YouTube.

"You see the most craziest, the most idiotic things on YouTube," said Les, 59. In fact, you can find the Corzbergs on YouTube teaching spinning.

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11 Billion

Videos Viewed Online in the U.S. in April 2008 -  18-34 Year Olds Viewed Nearly 5 Hours of Online Video per Person during the Month [more ]
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Web 2.0 vulnerabilties to watch for

Greg Enright

July 19, 2007 () (Network World Canada) -- New Web applications such as wikis, blogs and podcasts that foster increased collaboration and communication have enjoyed a great proliferation in recent months. They have brought with them, however, a number of new security challenges with which corporate network managers now have to contend.

According to Robert Hansen, president of California-based security consultancy SecTheory, the use of programming languages such as Java and AJAX, as well as the JSON data interchange format, in Web 2.0-style apps has created another door from which nefarious elements can enter a company's back end and do irreparable damage.
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Sleep on It: How Snoozing Makes You Smarter

During slumber, our brain engages in data analysis, from strengthening memories to solving problems

By Robert Stickgold and Jeffrey M. Ellenbogen / Scientific American Mind
August 7, 2008

sleepingdog.jpg In 1865 Friedrich August Kekulé woke up from a strange dream: he imagined a snake forming a circle and biting its own tail. Like many organic chemists of the time, Kekulé had been working feverishly to describe the true chemical structure of benzene, a problem that continually eluded understanding. But Kekulé’s dream of a snake swallowing its tail, so the story goes, helped him to accurately realize that benzene’s structure formed a ring. This insight paved the way for a new understanding of organic chemistry and earned Kekulé a title of nobility in Germany.

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US business information spending to grow at 6.1% a year - 7.1.2007 [more]


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