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Gadget girls won't take pink for an answer

July 11, 2006

Leslie Katz and Object

Stop Gina Hughes in the street on any given day and you'll find the following in her bag: a Treo, a Bluetooth headset, a digital camera, an iPod -- and, quite possibly, a few more gadgets for good measure.

Drop by her house and you'll see a couple of TiVo PVRs and flat-screen televisions, a MacBook Pro, a camcorder, a PlayStation Portable and a Nintendo DS Lite. Don't even get started on her car -- the dashboard has more buttons than the helm of the starship Enterprise.

Gadgets "make you feel safe and confident," said the 32-year-old gearhead, who runs the blog Techie Diva from her Silicon Valley home. "And of course, they make you look cool."

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Mobile-Payments Startup Paymo Aims at Tough Micropayments Market

(December 18, 2008) A mobile-payments startup called Paymo Inc., which launched this week with service in 39 countries, hopes to succeed in what has turned out to be a tough market: micropayments for digital content. The San Francisco-based company has more than 300 merchants approved to accept payments on its platform, says Terry Langlais, Paymo’s director of marketing, though she will not say how many are live currently, nor will she say how many consumers are using Paymo. Meanwhile, service is slated to begin in the U.S. and 10 other countries by the end of the first quarter, Langlais says, to bring the total country roster to 50.
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China Nears 800 Million Mobile Phone Subscribers

Dan Nystedt / PCWorld
Tue Jun 29, 6:00 am ET

The number of mobile phone subscribers in China reached 796 million as of the end of May, while 3G subscriber numbers have almost doubled, the government said Tuesday.

Over 9.4 million new Chinese subscribers signed up for mobile phone service in May, for an official total of 48.5 million new users so far this year, according to China's Ministry of Information Industry.

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60 Million Americans Seek Help Online

By K.C. Jones /
Thu Jan 26, 7:24 PM ET

About 60 million Americans say the Internet played an important or crucial role in making a major decision in two years before being polled.

And, whether they're seeking investments, home improvements, medical issues or guidance on voting, Internet users are more likely to turn to help from their social networks than their counterparts who don't use the Internet.

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