1 million iFarts

1 million iFarts

Comm said Apple’s decision to allow farting apps has led to more
than a million downloads of the 99-cent iFart, allowing it to achieve
what Comm calls "flatulence superiority" over the more than 100 other
farting apps. He said while Apple shouldn’t allow porn, there is a
place and a demand for bathroom humor apps.

"We’ve had bathroom humor since Shakespeare," he said. "It’s always funny."

And they’re big sellers, often upstaging more serious apps. Oscar
Martin, the president of a Miami IT company, said though he’s worked
hard to make serious iPhone business apps and some entertaining games,
his most successful app has been iFlush, which allows you to flush down
pictures of things and people you don’t like.

"We had high hopes for our first game we developed, but it’s not even close to the iFlush application," Martin said.

Erica Sadun, author of the iPhone Developer’s Cookbook, said the
device is well-suited to novelty apps, which work well within the
limitations of the iPhone’s screen, touch interface and the short
attention span of mobile users.

Shervin Pishevar, CEO of Social Gaming Network, one of the most
successful iPhone gamemakers, said Apple should be given credit for
creating a store that allows developers to cater to the full spectrum
of tastes.

"I think consumers will play with a little bit of everything," said
Pishevar. "Sometimes you go to McDonald’s, sometimes you go to Morton’s
for steak."


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