30 Apps to Run your Business By

30 Apps to Run your Business By

August 21, 2007 by Josh Pigford

I’ve been a Mac user for many years now and a business owner for just as many. I’ve needed apps for everything from invoicing and time tracking to contact and money management. I’ve used literally hundreds of applications over the past few years and know how frustrating it can be to find something that works for you.

So to help with that I’ve compiled a list of some applications I’ve used over the years including the ones I think are the best. There are certainly more applications out there that aren’t listed here so if you’ve used something that has worked well, definitely let me know about it.

Time Tracking & Invoicing

On The Job
On The Job – If simple time tracking an invoicing is all you need, On The Job is the app for you. It purposefully has less features than some of the competition and that is something it definitely has going for it. It’s my app of choice for time tracking.

– Full-featured time tracking, invoice, and client management. This is
really one of the most solid applications for any client-based
business. The $190 price tag is seriously worth it if you need all of
the features it has.

Billings is a newer player in the full-featured time tracking and
invoicing market but they’ve made a solid splash. Billings doesn’t have
quite as many features as Studiometry but the features it does have are
the core ones you’d be using regularly anyways. It’s $59 price tag also
makes it significantly more affordable than Studiometry.

– While QuickBooks does not have any real time tracking abilities, it
does have a fairly stout invoicing system that can be very convenient
if you use QuickBooks to manage your business finances.

Web alternatives:
BlinksaleI use this
for all my invoicing needs. Straightforward invoicing at its best.
Prices starting from $12/month (not including the limited free plan).

Harvest – Solid time tracking (OS X Widget included). Prices starting from $9/month (not including the limited free plan).

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