30 ways to promote your web application with little or no money

30 ways to promote your web application with little or no money

Making web applications is a very special way to make money online. If it’s bad executed you can do as much as $0. If you do it well, you can become a billionaire (not sure? ask Larry, Sergey, Chad or Steve).

I’m a web applications maker besides being a blogger, and I’m actively working on a web application I pretend to launch in mid-2007. So I tried to figure out some ways to promote without spending more than US$1000, and without bothering anybody to do something for me for free, and here’s what I got:

  1. Submit your web application to Techcrunch.
  2. Submit your web application to Read/WriteWeb.
  3. Submit your web application to eHub.
  4. Make easy to be bookmarked on del.icio.us so you get into the popular page.
  5. Hire a top digger and ask him to digg your web application.
  1. Use technorati WTF to promote your product (write a neat blog entry and promote that).
  2. Send press releases using services like PRWeb.com
  3. Better yet, send press releases to local newspapers (from your city or your country, it’s easier when you are outside the US).
  4. Send press releases to local magazines and blogs. They will easily feel empathy for you.
  5. Let your users take something from your web application into their blogs (i.e. a widget).
  6. Even better, give them a way to put your widget in their desktops.
  7. Exchange widgets with other similar web applications to promote each other.
  8. Create a neat promotional video and feature it on your blog.
  9. Even better, upload it to YouTube and encourage people to share it.
  10. Create a neat PDF brochure and put it in the sidebar of your website and blog.
    This will help you those times where a person likes your product but
    he’s not the decision maker, so he can pass the brochure up to the boss.
  11. Write an article for the O’Reilly Network , and put a link to your web application in your bio.
  12. Hire somebody to write a review of your web application for the IT Managers Journal telling them how useful it has been in her job.
  13. Pay a review with the best blogger who covers your web application’s niche.
  14. Offer your web app for free for minor bloggers, exchanging an account for a banner on their blogs.
  15. Use open APIs from famous web apps so you get featured on their websites.
  16. Keep a corporate blog publishing useful information, not just corporate scrap.
  17. Write guest posts for your blogger friends (make your homework and network with prominent bloggers before launching your web app).
  18. Write an article for Think Vitamin, and cross your fingers to be accepted.
  19. Subscribe your web application to search engines like DMoz.
  20. Choose very carefully your desired keywords and use Google AdWords wisely.
  21. Buying advertising from Stumble Upon won’t hurt you too.
  22. Look carefully for good bloggers on your niche and buy Text Link Ads on their blogs.
  23. Kontera will allow you to advertise inside the content of those bloggers.
  24. Start an affiliate program and make easy to join it.
  25. Before launching your web app collect as much emails as you can, and then send newsletter for every upgrade on your software.

This list is by no means definitive. You will surely get some more ways
to promote your web apps for free and without bothering anybody, so if
you know one that wasn’t featured on this list please share it in the

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