75% of women don’t know how to use mobile gadgets

75% of women don't know how to use mobile gadgets

THREE in four women who own a mobile phone do not know how to use all its features, new research claims.

Despite all those hours talking and texting, 75% of women say they can only handle the basic functions of a mobile phone.  And it is the same with other modern devices and gizmos, from digital cameras to MP3 music players, according to the study.  Seven in 10 women ask partners or even their children for advice on how to operate gadgets, including having others download music to an MP3 player for them.

Although gadgets are more popular with men in general, mobile phones are the exception, said the research for electrical giant Comet. Following a study of 1000 customers, the retailer is introducing Gadget Angels, an all-female team of experts who will spearhead a new campaign to break down female 'technofear'.

They will also be used to train shop staff in how to best respond to women customers.

While male customers want hi-tech spec and other mind-numbing details, women prefer to know what a gadget actually does and why it is useful. Comet found 83% of adult women and 81% of men now own a mobile telephone. This compares to 64% of men who own a digital camera but only 56% of women.

Men are more likely to spend hours reading the instruction manuals while women just want to get on and use it.

But without investing the time upfront they are failing to fill what Comet bosses call 'the technology gap.'


DOREEN COBBETT 41, air hostess, west end:

I am not good with technology – I think because I have no interest in it. As long as I can send and receive messages I am happy.

MARIA DI MARIO 21, PR, south side

I never read the instructions. I am not good with camera phones and I can't download music. I usually get my brother to do it.

LINDSAY WOODBURN 21, student, city centre: I can download music, but I think it is more of a generational thing, younger people are better with technology than older people.



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