8 people living the REAL American dream through the Internet

8 people living the REAL American dream through the Internet

1: Markus Frind: PlentyOfFish.com – $300,000 per month

Markus Frind the founder of the up and coming free dating site Plentyoffish.com is the biggest free dating site on the Internet. Plentyoffish.com. The site reportedly has traffic up to 500 million page views per month. This translates into over $10,000 per day. Here is a check posted from two months of adsense earnings:

2: Jeremy Shoemaker – $140,000 per month


Jeremy Shoemaker certainly one of the top individual AdSense marketers. He has great depth of knowledge in the field and has a knack for making money with "outside of the box" type ideas. I think the image of his AdSense check says it all. When I first saw this, I almost fell out of my chair. Here are two great places to read more about how ShoeMoney does what he does.

3: Jason Calacanis: Weblogs, Inc. – $120,000 per month

Jason is the previous owner of Weblogs Inc. He recently sold it to AOL for 25 Million. He reportedly made more than 4,000 dollars per day using adsense on his wide network of blogs. Here is a great interview with him.

4: David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard – $100,000 per month

Miles and Leonard created Freeweblayouts.net, a site that offers free layouts for Myspace.com They Claim $100,000 per month in revenue.

5: Tim Carter: AskTheBuilder.com – $30,000 per month

Tim Carter became as a plumber and carpenter. He also had a radio show and often made television appearances (think Bob Vila) Carter founded AsktheBuilder.com in 1995. He has done a such a great job with running his Adsense program that Google actually did a case study on his site.

6: Joel Comm – $24,000 per month

Joel Comm wrote the E-Book What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense. While it may be part of a marketing ploy, this screen shot (if true) would certainly qualify him for this list.

7: Shawn Hogan – DigitalPoint.com $10,000 per month

Shawn Hogan is the founder of DigitalPoint.com. He was recently featured in this New York Times article. At the time it was reported that he was making $10,000 per month with AdSense.

8. Various Affiliate Marketers $160,000+ per month.

All of the various AdSense earners listed here are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to individuals making huge amounts of money in the internet marketing game. Affiliate marketers account for some of the biggest earners in the business. Over at vmcsatellite.com their top affiliate earner makes a reported $169,300/month.

So how does this all fit into our business?

While the examples given here are certainly something to aspire to, it is unlikely that many individuals or businesses will reach that kind of success. This does not mean, however, that there is not something we can learn from these internet money making superstars. So what is it that allows these individuals and their companies to reap such exceptional monetary benefits from the web? The answer in a two words are CONTENT and COMMUNITY.

Content Players

David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard's Freeweblayouts.net ; Tim Carter's askthebuilder.com ; and Joel Comm's What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense, are three excellent examples of great content leading to great revenue. These individuals were able to bring Information to a niche community. While there is more to it than the simple equation (Great Content+Niche in need = Huge profit) this is certainly a great place to start. The rest of the equation includes:

1. Positioning yourself as the expert through:

-Great Copywriting
-Inside Knowledge
-Innovative Ideas

2. Gaining visibility and becoming viral:

-Embedding yourself in the target community
-Contributing quality content on a regular basis
-Staying current and relevant
-Offering something interesting/noteworthy/linkable

Community Players

Shawn Hogan of Digitalpoint.com; Jason Calcanis of Weblogs.com; Markus Frind of Plentyoffish.com; and Kevin Rose of Digg.com are four internet marketers who's sites have used the idea of Community as a basis for generating revenue. The unique aspect to these sites is that instead of offering expert content from an individual or small group of individuals, the content comes from the community itself. Each of these sites takes a different approach to this "content through community" approach.

DigitalPoint.com – Niche forum

Weblogs.com – Blogging

Plentyoffish.com – Social networking

Digg.com – Social bookmarking

These lessons of Content and Community are essential to businesses striving to set themselves apart in the overcrowded internet world. As copywriters, our expertise is content creation. We write interesting, articulate, informative copy that projects expert status. This ability to write this type of custom copy gives many of our clients a significant edge. One of the services we are most proud of at Get It In Writing is our blog ghostwriting service. For companies interested in producing great content with the additional community level benefit of blogging the ghostwriting service is an excellent choice. Blogging's interactive nature allows not only for discussion, but also for member contributions, making it one of the most invaluable and essential tools any business can have.

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