8 ways to exercise your brain

8 ways to exercise your brain

Gray hair doesn’t signal gray matter’s decline, and AARP’s tips help ‘old dogs’ learn new tricks.

January 22, 2007

There are some aspects of aging, such as gray hair, that Laura Bestler-Wilcox can accept.

Mental decline is not one of them.

"I’m only 38, but I have no intention of growing old – mentally, at least," said Bestler-Wilcox, from Ames.

She started playing Nintendo’s Brain Age game last month, and says it helps keep her brain active. The goal is to score the ideal "brain age" of 20, which you achieve by doing a range of exercises – from math problems and counting the number of syllables in words, to reading aloud and Sudoku.
"I do math better," said Bestler-Wilcox, who plays the game every other day for about 20 minutes. "It’s like doing exercises for different parts of your body. This is exercising your brain."

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