85% of CXOs View ‘Collaborative Web’ as a Major Business Opportunity

85% of CXOs View ‘Collaborative Web’ as a Major Business Opportunity

Saturday, July 7, 2007; Posted: 10:29 AM – by Social Computing News Desk

to a survey of senior executives worldwide by the Economist
Intelligence Unit, 85% of C-level executives see the sharing and
collaboration aspects of Web 2.0 as an opportunity to increase revenue
and/or margins.

study, "Web 2.0 Goes Corporate," consisted of in-depth interviews with
corporate leaders as well as a global survey of senior executives.

were surprised by the level of excitement among big firms concerning
the commercial possibilities presented by Web 2.0,” said Dan Armstrong,
editor of the report. “Our survey respondents and interviewees saw Web
2.0 as an opportunity, not a threat, and were extremely creative in
applying the idea of the collaborative network to their own products
and processes.”

Armstrong found that large companies are already using Web 2.0 tools and methods in a variety of ways:

far, companies have focused their Web 2.0 efforts mainly on the
creation of online communities that can help with product marketing or
product development. In second place is the establishment of blogs or
wikis to initiate conversations and share knowledge inside or outside
the company."

Economist study confirms what we’ve heard from customers and partners
— that collaborative Web 2.0 technologies are becoming more important
to organizations,” said John M. Lervik , CEO of FAST, sponsors of the

“We expect to see a rapid acceleration in the Web 2.0
adoption curve, as business leaders recognize the value of
community-sourced information made accessible and actionable via search
technology. Perhaps more interestingly, we expect to see Web 2.0
principles take off at the enterprise level, fundamentally changing how
organisations innovate and execute.”


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