A Day Without Google

A Day Without Google

What would you do if Google did not exist, or Yahoo, or Ask, or search on MSN or AOL?  As it turns out, there’s more than 100 other search engines out there.  Some focus on a specific niche like video, health, or blogs.  Some are trying to improve the whole search interface by displaying results in a more visually intuitive manner, like Quintura or LivePlasma.   

The AltSearchEngine blog is encouraging Web surfers to give up the major search engines just for today and try one of the smaller ones.  Here are some you can start with (the full list of 100, courtesy AltSearchEngine, after the break—list your favorites in comments and tell us why):

  Answers.com    (Meta-reference search)
blinkx                 (Video Search)
Decipho             (Social/tag search)
Feedster          (Feed/blog search)
Healthline         (Health search)
Icerocket          (Blog search)
indeed                (Meta-job search)
Kosmix              (Categorization search)
LivePlasma         (Visual music/movie search)
Pixsy                (Photo search)   
Quintura           (Visual tag-cloud search)   
Simplyhired        (Meta-job search)
Sphere             (Blog search)   

50matches.com     www.50matches.com
Accoona    www.accoona.com
AfterVote     www.aftervote.com
Agent 55    www.agent55.com
Allth.at    www.allth.at
Answers.com    www.answers.com
Audiobaba    www.audiobaba.com
Blabline    www.blabline.com
blinkx    www.blinkx.com
Blogdigger      www.blogdigger.com
Bookmach    www.bookmach.com
btbot    www.btbot.com
CatchTomorrow    www.catchtomorrow.com
ChaCha     www.chacha.com
ClipBlast!    www.clipblast.com
Cognitionsearch    www.cognitionsearch.com
Collarity    www.collarity.com
Compete    www.compete.com
Congoo    www.congoo.com
CrossEngine    www.crossengine.com
Cydral    http://en.cydral.com
Decipho    www.decipho.com
Deligio      www.deligio.com
eTools.ch    www.etools.ch
EveryZing    www.everyzing.com
Exalead    www.exalead.com
Factbites    www.factbites.com
Faroo    http://faroo.com
FeedMiner    www.feedminer.com
Feedster    www.feedster.com
FindSounds    www.findsounds.com
Fisssh!    www.fisssh.com
FyberSearch    www.fybersearch.com
GameSkoot    www.gameskoot.com
GenieKnows     www.genieknows.com
Gigablast    www.gigablast.com
GoPubMed    www.gopubmed.com
GoshMe       www.goshme.com
gravee    www.gravee.com
Grokker    www.grokker.com
Hakia    www.hakia.com
Healthline    www.healthline.com
iBoogie    www.iboogie.com
Icerocket    www.icerocket.com
indeed    www.indeed.com
ixquick     www.ixquick.com
KartOO     www.kartoo.com
Knuru    www.knuru.com
KoolTorch       www.kooltorch.com
Kosmix     www.kosmix.com
Krugle    www.krugle.com
Ktorrents    www.ktorrents.com
lijit      www.lijit.com
Like    www.like.com
LivePlasma    www.liveplasma.com
Mojeek    www.mojeek.com
MP3Realm    http://mp3realm.org
Ms. Freckles    www.msfreckles.com/?lang=en
Nayio    www.nayio.com
nnseek    www.nnseek.com
Nutshell    www.nutshell.com
Omgili    www.omgili.com
Pagebull    www.pagebull.com
Picsearch    www.picsearch.com
Pipl    http://pipl.com
Pixsy    www.pixsy.com
Pluggd    www.pluggd.com
Podnova    www.podnova.com
Purevideo    www.purevideo.com
Quintura     www.quintura.com
Quintura Kids    http://kids.quintura.com
Revolutionhealth    www.revolutionhealth.com
Searchbots    www.searchbots.net
SearchKindly    www.searchkindly.com
Searchles    www.searchles.com
SearchTheWeb2    www.searchtheweb2.com
SeeIt      www.seeit.com
Serph    www.serph.com
Sidekiq    www.sidekiq.com
Simply Google    www.simplygoogle.com
Simplyhired    www.simplyhired.com
Slifter    www.slifter.com
Sphere    www.sphere.com
Sproose     www.sproose.com
Srchr    www.srchr.com
Sugarcode    www.sugarcode.com
Surfwax    www.surfwax.com
Swamii    www.swamii.com
TheFind.com    www.thefind.com
Trexy    www.trexy.com
Turboscout    www.turboscout.com
Twerq    www.twerq.com
ViewFour    www.viewfour.com
WasaLive    http://en.wasalive.com
Wazap!    www.wazap.com
Whonu?      www.whonu.com
WiseNut    www.wisenut.com
Wize    http://wize.com
Yoople!    www.yoople.com
Zuula    www.zuula.com

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