A Way to Make $3 Each for Sharing Tips

A Way to Make $3 Each for Sharing Tips

A new opportunity to make a little extra cash has been offered by the former company known as VitaminT, which has now changed its name to Daytipper.

The site has been re-designed and now pay people $3 that send in tips that are put up on the site. Then readers rate the tips similar to the way they do on Digg.

As of January 7, when I last checked, there were almost 7,000 tips that were submitted and just under 600 accepted. That means about 1 out of every 11-12 tips are accepted. Some tips not put up on the site are offered on the company’s blog.

DayTripper.jpg There are a number of different categories like cooking, wellness, gardening, technology among many others.
We’ll probably see a proliferation of new pay opportunities this year as people look for potential rewards for their time and efforts.

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