Affiliate Business Basics

Affiliate Business Basics

As I mentioned in my introduction article, this is the hour of affiliate business. Companies are currently paying commissions of up to 50-78% of the full price of their products to those who are willing to refer them customers. Their job thereby cuts down to production, shipping. In some scenarios they'll also have to pay their affiliate resellers, but mostly this is done automatically by companies who have specialized on this task – collecting money from customers via credit card etc. and automatically paying affiliate resellers.

Your job as an affiliate reseller will be to find customers and send them to the companies' websites. As we're in the 21st century, you'll not convince those potential customers to buy certain products by talking to them in person or similar, instead you'll acquire them all using nothing but the Internet.

First of all, of course, you'll have to evaluate whether certain products are worth being advertised for and resold. Are they already popular? Are people searching the Internet for them? You'll have to ask yourself such questions among others, we'll come later towards that. Before we'll continue and reach the practical part, I want to give you a motivational guideline for getting things done. Even the most wise person with the highest intellect is unlikely to get things done without proper motivation and time management.

So, here's a bit of advice:  


Ideas. Decisions. Actions.

  1. Whenever you're brainstorming for ideas, make mind maps. I usually prefer to do so with pen & paper, or sometimes just a simple text editor software. Any other way might be just as good.
  2. When you've made your decisions on what to do, make structured checklists and obey them as you are taking action.
  3. Set yourself deadlines. You'll work more efficiently with the clock ticking… write them down to your checklists.

Now please don't be afraid that you're gonna have to do lots of work. You really don't have to – I just want to make sure that you'll do the necessary things with the appropriate enthusiasm.

On to the more interesting part: practical money-making as an affiliate!

What you'll need, besides a computer and Internet access, email account etc., is first of all a bank account for cashing in checks. You also need to get an affiliate account at one of the largest sales providers who support affiliate programs. To promote a chosen affiliate program, you'll use some tricks I'll show you that are free, but I also recommend using a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) provider, so you'll need an account for that, too.

Those are the basic needs to be an affiliate reseller – I'm now going to to show you exactly how to get them and how to master them.

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