Attitude ? These 10 qualities make a winner

Attitude ? These 10 qualities make a winner

Motivational speaker Patrick O?Dooley addresses hundreds of audiences a year. At one point during his speeches, he asks the audience to tell him what words they use to describe "a winner."

He goes to a board or flip chart as people in the audience call out the words they associate with winners and writes down the first ten he hears.

Over the years, O?Dooley has kept these top 10 lists of winning
qualities, and he recently compiled them into a list ranked in the
order of occurrence:

Positive attitude








Good Listener


This list is useful for what is says, and for what it omits. For example, note that none of these top winning qualities has anything to do with physical or mental ability.

As O?Dooley points out, this indicates that anyone on earth can be a winner because winning is based on attitude, not aptitude. You control whether or not you will be a winner in life, regardless of your natural abilities.

When writing down the list of winning qualities that people call out, O?Dooley invariably misspells one of the words, and someone always points that out to him.

Then O?Dooley reveals that he is dyslexic and frequently reversed letters when reading and writing in school. His teachers thought he had low aptitude, so O?Dooley developed what he did have control over, his attitude. He has achieved much more than he ever would have as a perfect speller with a poor attitude.

To make this point another way, he also suggests that his audience imagine some of them are reborn as a five-pound bar of raw iron ore (worth about $5.00) and some are five-pound bars of gold (worth about $30,000). The gold bars begin life worth far more than those made of iron.

But if the gold ore people are complacent, and the iron ore people work on themselves, and transform themselves into watchsprings, for example, they can go from a worth of $5.00 to a worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars ? by making the best possible use of what they are.

Although we can?t change our "raw materials" much, O?Dooley points out that the "process of refinement is one thing you can control."

SOURCENOTE: Patrick O?Dooley, Flight Plan for Living: The Art of Self Encouragement, (1992), MasterMedia Ltd., 9 West 57th St., New York, NY 10019.

SUGGESTION: Don?t view potential in terms of physical or mental aptitudes ? attitude makes the difference!


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