B2B Marketers Sold on New Media

B2B Marketers Sold on New Media

AUGUST 21, 2007

B2B new media’s big hit: electronic white papers.

marketers spend a larger proportion of their budgets on new media than
do business-to-consumer marketers, according to an Association of National AdvertisersBtoBOnline study conducted by Guideline.

The ANA and BtoBOnline surveyed B2B, B2C and hybrid
marketers in June 2007. More than three in 10 B2B marketers allocated
20% or more of their total media budgets to new media platforms,
compared with only 5% of B2C marketers. Nearly half of the B2B
respondents said they planned to allocate more than 10% of their
budgets to new media.

"Make no mistake about it: B2B marketers, in general, embrace
new media platforms," said Bill Duggan, executive vice president at
ANA, in a statement. "They appear to be earlier adopters of new media
platforms than B2C marketers."

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In April and May 2007, Manning, Selvage & Lee sponsored a more general marketer survey, conducted by PR Week and Millward Brown.
That study found that only 10% of marketers had allocated 20% or more
of their budgets on new media and consumer-generated media. More than
one-fifth had no budget for such methods.

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The Manning-Selvage study emphasized user-generated media, while the BtoBOnline
study included items such as site maintenance and e-mail marketing in
its definition of new media. This makes an apples-to-apples comparison
difficult, but as directional indicators they still showed general
marketers were less likely to budget for new media than were B2B

Nearly three-quarters of B2C marketers in the BtoBOnline
study said they planned to shift money from their traditional media
budget to new media, compared with just over half of B2B marketers,
indicating that B2B marketers were likely to have already prepared for
such spending in their budgets.

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"The bulk of the budget dollars allocated to new platforms will go
to the entrenched forms—the company’s own Web site and e-mail
marketing," said Frank Dudley, vice president of marketing at
Guideline, in a statement.

In their use of e-mail marketing, 58.3% of B2B marketers said
demand generation was their primary objective, compared with 40.9% of
B2C marketers.

Over a one-quarter of B2C marketers said customer loyalty and
retention were their primary objectives, compared with 16.5% of B2B

Half of B2B marketers thought that downloads of white papers
and brochures were very effective in measuring new media effectiveness.
A plurality of B2C marketers (40%) judged site visits as effective in
measuring new media; just over one-quarter of B2B marketers agreed.

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