Becoming a Successful Web Entrepreneur

Becoming a Successful Web Entrepreneur

Michael Gray put up a nice post yesterday about Finding Your Inner Jerry McGuire. Not a goal I aspire to personally, but the point of the post is that you need to take chances to get to the top of your profession, whatever it may be.

It means that you have to create an image of your own, one that pushes and promotes ideas that you are personally passionate about. While Michael is specifically addressing SEOs, his post applies to any entrepreneurial business. If you are a webmaster, know that creating a distinct site, with unique content that differentiates you from the pack is a requirement for success.

The web world is very competitive, and winning attention (and in bound links) requires that you bring something new to the table. People don't give you links for the purpose of making you money. They give you links because you offer unique and new content (or tools) that no one that they have seen has, and because they think that your site will be valuable to their users.

Don't be afraid to occupy a niche spot either. In many businesses, the niche spots can do quite well. Develop a passionate core audience and build out from there.

And be opportunistic. The best opportunity to distinguish your business may not yet have made itself known to you. But keep your eyes open, and when the right situation comes up, be ready to jump on it. Land on it with both feet, and go after it heart and soul. And if that first one does not work out, get ready to do it again when the next opportunity comes up.

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