Boomer Consumers Open to Effective Ads

Boomer Consumers Open to Effective Ads 7.2.2007 [more]The baby boomer generation has the highest income of any age group, and its household expenses total $2.3 trillion annually, according to a June 2007 BrandChannel article.

By comparison, household expenditures for 18-to-39-year-olds are half as much. Yet TV Land-commissioned research by Age Wave revealed that advertisers pay 25%-50% more to target younger adults.

The study also found that boomers are 71% as likely as their younger counterparts to be willing to try new products and service. Just over half of boomers were just as persuaded by "effective advertising."

Boomers are also similar in some of the goods and services they buy as younger adults. About 15% of 45-to-54-year-olds use online dating sites, according to JupiterResearch, which is the same proportion as younger online users.

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