Brazilian E-Commerce – Online buyers doubling every two years

Brazilian E-Commerce

JULY 17, 2008

Online buyers doubling every two years

E-commerce in Brazil, like many other Internet activities in that country, is maturing quickly.

Between the first half of 2005 and 2008, e-commerce revenues as reported in
e-bit‘s "Web
Shoppers" study nearly quadrupled to reach BRL3.8 billion ($2.2 billion).

According to Valor Economico,
in 2007 alone the market expanded by 43%. In terms of the number of
individuals buying online, the figures are almost as dramatic, with 2.6
million buyers in 2003 rising to 9.5 million in 2007.


More likely than not, adult Internet users in Brazil have purchased something online, according to a December 2007 study by Symantec.

Brazil’s 79% of users who have purchased online is in the upper
reaches of worldwide rates, comparable to such advanced Internet
players as Japan (82%), the UK (79%) and Germany (78%). In contrast,
only 63% of
US Internet users have made an online purchase. Simply put, Brazilians
who use the Internet tend to use it for everything, including


Online buyers in Brazil are huge media consumers. Books, magazines
and newspapers ranked as the top e-commerce categories with a 17%
market share in 2007, according to e-bit.

Almost one-half (49.47%) of Brazil’s online buyers use a
credit card to make their purchases, versus 39.06% who use a banking
ticket to buy online. Other payment methods, including debit or
electronic transfer,
and payment on delivery, were each favored by less than 10% of
respondents to an Ipsos Public Affairs survey.

Females, who make up almost one-half of Internet users in
Brazil, are a key factor driving the explosion of e-commerce. A study
from e-bit reported in Business News Americas found that online transactions by females increased nearly 10% since 2000.

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