Consumers Taking Longer to Buy Online

Consumers Taking Longer to Buy Online

JULY 10, 2007

The average time it takes a US consumer to make an e-commerce purchase decision grew to 34 hours and 19 minutes this year, up from about 19 hours in 2005, according to a ScanAlert report cited in Storefront Backtalk.

The report's authors stated that the change came mainly from an increase in the number of e-commerce sites, saying that it lets consumers comparison-shop for longer stretches.

Virtual shopping carts are also being used to collect items of interest, with shoppers returning for them later rather than just abandoning the transaction if they're not ready to buy right then and there.

Storefront Backtalk suggested that the average cost of products purchased has been increasing, making customers take more time to reach a decision. The time could be used to consult with a spouse, or to see if a bonus or big sale came through.

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