Crazy AdSense Experiment: Unethical But Legal $10,000/Month

Crazy AdSense Experiment: Unethical But Legal $10,000/Month

"Developing Made for AdSense Web Sites for Dummies" tutorial as an attempt to create a vaccine against Made for AdSense web sites.

Do you know how vaccine works? Doctor infects you in order to train your immune system.

Have you ever noticed an ad on Google that says "We have found top 4 sites for you" or "More information about …"? These web sites usually contain nothing but plenty of Google AdSense ads and search results stolen from other search engines.

They provide ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the users of Google, however they are still alive. Why there are so many good companies that can't afford Google AdWords advertising while these crappy web sites buy the most expensive keywords?

Moreover, these web sites are really annoying if you try to find something useful right now. Did you know that 80%(!) of ads on insurance are MFA (Made for AdSense)? Recently we collected the database of over 40,000,000 search phrases. From 30% to 90%(!) of ads on Google for the top 1,000 most expensive keywords are MFA.

We hope that this experiment will help Google to open eyes on MFA problem. Fighting this kind of web sites will not only help us to find information we need faster. It will reduce the cost of advertising for ethical companies.

Don't forget that Google AdWords ad ranking is based on auction system. Less advertisers -> reduced click price -> happy advertisers -> … and less profit for Google. Maybe it's the main reason why we still see these junk web sites? In any way let's come closer to the experiment.

Let the number of MFA web sites grow, let Google be infected until it will train its immune system. Here is a "Developing Made for AdSense Web Sites for Dummies" tutorial.

It took us 65 minutes to do it (we recorded each step with a stop-watch).

  1. Find an expensive and popular keyword (there are numerious free lists of keywords online and you can use Google AdWords Keyword Tool in order to estimate keyword popularity and price). It took us 1 minute.
  2. Register a junk domain like "" or "". We haven't ordered any domain specifically for this purpose, but used one of our experimental domains (totally unrelated to the main theme of MFA web site).
  3. Extract search results from Google or any other search engine. It took us 5 minutes.
  4. Create HTML page with these search results. It took us 7 minutes.
  5. Insert Google AdSense code in the way that search results aren't visible without scrolling. It took us 10 minutes.
  6. Upload html file to your web site. It took us 2 minutes.
  7. Create a new Google AdWords campaign for this keyword by copying any other MFA campaign. It took us 10 minutes.
  8. Wait for 15 minutes until you will see first clicks from Google AdWords, wait for another 15 minutes until you will see new clicks on Google AdSense.

We started to earn $1/day after a single hour of work. $1/day is $33/month, spend 333 days to earn $10,000/month. It's that easy.

This tutorial will definitely increase the number of MFA web sites as well as our previous research on attention grabbing words increased the number of stories with "amazing", "digg", "revealed" words. When the number of MFA web sites will reach the critical mass, Google will turn on its immune system.

We all hope that MFA web sites will die soon. Let's return to the good old days.

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