Docs Train Bodies To Fight Food Allergies

Docs Train Bodies To Fight Food Allergies

POSTED: 7:32 am PST December 26, 2006

Preliminary results from a Duke University study suggest that children’s bodies can be trained to overcome severe food allergies.

The method: eating tiny amounts of the food to which they’re allergic.The study involved a handful of youngsters allergic to peanuts or eggs.

Lead researcher Dr. A. Wesley Burks of Duke University Medical Centers warned that no one should try this experiment on their own. Children in the study were closely monitored for life-threatening reactions.

Burks said he believes that in five years, there will be a treatment available for kids with food allergies.

One of the children in the study is Elizabeth White of Raleigh, N.C., who was 4½ when she began participating in the experiment.

At the age of 7, she can now safely tolerate the equivalent of seven peanuts.

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