Electronics Weekly launches UK Tech Startup blog

Electronics Weekly launches UK Tech Startup blog

There is a new addition to the family of Electronics Weekly blogs – the UK Technology Startups blog, providing news and resource information on funding for UK electronics technology startups.

It is written by Electronics Weekly News Editor, Alex Mayhew-Smith,
and will amplify his coverage of UK technology startups and their quest
for funding. It is also the online home of the monthly column Valley
View. Check out the latest views of Richard Irving, of Pond Venture
Partners, on the future for wireless standards: Valley View: Simple Guide for a wireless standard

The blog will also accompany the Electronics Weekly focus on Technology Startups,
and is already underway with posts about the UK fabless semiconductor
company Icera, start-up fever, the EDA firm Cadence, Scottish taxes and
a new director of Cambridge Enterprise.

The full list of Electronics Weekly.com blogs can be found at www.electronicsweekly.com/home/blogs.htm


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