Entrepreneur Seeks to Raise Capital for Her Businesses in a Creative Way

Entrepreneur Seeks to Raise Capital for Her Businesses in a Creative Way

Monday, 14 July 2008

Nadine Owens Burton is a woman on a mission. After years of seeking to find the right product or service to compliment her entrepreneurial ambitions, she found it with Owens Burton Consulting (OBC), a speaking and quality improvement services agency she started in 2005.

However, like most budding small businesses, OBC’s success and movement to the “next level” depends on having enough working capital. Ms. Owens Burton found herself at the stage where she needed an infusion of capital for OBC and her online networking site Zeroto5.com, but didn’t know where she was going to find it. That is until she decided to launch the Million Dollar Directory™.

Inspired by everything from people soliciting advertisers for their personal projects or to be human billboards; to the sites that solicit contributions for everything from breast implants to helping entrepreneurship in third world countries; to the current presidential election which has shown the power of thousands of small individual contributions received over the internet – Ms. Owens Burton decided to raise her needed capital online.

Ms. Owens Burton has developed a variation on the Million Dollar Homepage™ first created by Alex Tew in 2005 and which earned the then 21-year-old, Wiltshire, England student a million dollars to pay for college. The Million Dollar Directory™ will seek to raise $1 million through the sale of 1,800 individual advertisements.

In addition to showing images linked to advertisers’ websites on the site homepage, the Million Dollar Directory™ will also list companies in a categorized directory, thus increasing the usability by site visitors and increasing the visibility of the advertising companies; an improvement over the typical 1 million pixel sites. Advertisers can list their company in two to fifteen categories, depending on the level of ad purchase.

To learn more about the Million Dollar Directory, visit www.MillionDollarDirectory.info. To learn more about Nadine Owens Burton and OBC, visit www.OwensBurton.com.

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