Entrepreneur To Pay Costs for Three Others to Start Online Home Business Opportunity

Entrepreneur To Pay Costs for Three Others to Start Online Home Business Opportunity

Published on: November 4th, 2006 12:13pm by: thatprguy

(OPENPRESS) Nov. 4, 2006 — Pagosa Springs, CO — The Internet is a great place to be in business, but there is a lot of risk for someone just getting started in an online business opportunity.

"I want to take away all the risk and help others to enjoy the success that is available to them. I am offering to pay all the costs of getting started, and I am willing to do all the work to get the business up and going so it will be making money for up to three Internet entrepreneurs," explained veteran marketer Jim Klaproth.

Most business opportunities have a start-up fee associated with them, and then require the new business owner to do all the marketing and advertising. The vast majority of people who start such a business never make any money and quit within a few months.

Klaproth's partner is David M. Bresnahan, who has been running a successful online business for many years and teaches others to duplicate his efforts.

"I have found that there are many people who would like to have their own business on the Internet, but they are worried about the cost, and they do not know what to do because of their lack of experience. So we take on all the risk. We do not ask them for one penny. We use our money, and our time to get them up and going and making money in the first 30 days," said Bresnahan.

The three lucky people who receive the help do not have to pay Klaproth and Bresnahan back, and they keep all the money that comes in. They have no cost or risk. Klaproth and Bresnahan take care of all the cost and do all the work, so they can learn how to do it themselves later.

Bresnahan and Klaproth said they are taking advantage of the benefits of network marketing. When the people they help earn money through their web site, Bresnahan and Klaproth make a commission as well. Because of that arrangement they are willing to do all the work and take on all the expense to help new people get started.

"It is tough for someone who has not done this before to get started and succeed. That's why I am willing to literally do it to get them started. They will learn by watching what I do, and by the end of the month they will have a going business that will be making them money. This is truly the perfect win-win situation, and those that catch the vision of this business will truly prosper," explained Bresnahan.

He has prepared a free report entitled "How to Make a 5 Figure Monthly Income" that details the business, how it works, and what he does to insure that there is no risk for anyone who wants to participate. The free report is sent by E-mail on request at http://www.trafficwave.net/members/guitarjim/report.html.

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