Entrepreneur Turns Fear into a Profitable, Award-Winning Business

Entrepreneur Turns Fear into a Profitable, Award-Winning Business

May 30, 2008 – Jason Arabian had his eye on
becoming an entrepreneur since he was a young man. Post high school,
Jason earned his Associates Degree in Entrepreneurial Studies and then
complemented it with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

He then worked as an employee for over 15 years knowing that one day he
would be his own boss. “I knew that I wanted to be in my own business,
but a couple of things were stopping me from moving forward,” says
Jason, now a franchise owner of CMIT Solutions. “I didn’t know what
type of business I wanted to run and FEAR, it really paralyzed me,” he

While working as a project
manager for a construction company in his early 30’s, Jason met Bob
Miller, a career/business coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source. He
initially resisted coaching support because he felt he’d seen
everything and a Coach wouldn’t be able to help him.

just two short weeks, Bob cemented the relationship with Jason. “I
learned so much about my working style through behavioral testing and
from going through a discovery process that ultimately helped me
approach the possibility of business ownership without emotion, using
my head,” said Jason. “I learned that there were so many more business
concepts out there to consider and that franchising was a strong option
for me,” he added.

In August 2004,
Bob presented several franchise concepts to Jason to research
thoroughly. Jason did his homework and even went on 2 Discovery Days
with two of the business concepts. He was most impressed with an IT
concept – CMIT Solutions.

continued to work with Jason and spent a lot of time focusing on
Jason’s fear. Bob explained that FEAR really stands for False Evidence
Appearing Real. Bob sensed that Jason was still not ready to make the
decision to become a business owner, so he gave him some space.

January 2005, Jason felt compelled to make a decision, one way or
another within a month. Coincidently, within that month, Jason received
2 calls from CMIT Solutions management, with one coming from the CEO.
“She didn’t try to sell me but encouraged me to talk to other
franchisees,” said Jason. After making those calls, Jason made up his
mind. He decided to buy a CMIT franchise.

step of the way – Bob helped me face my fear. He never pushed me into
it. He let me back off when I needed to,” says Jason of the coaching
support he received. “And CMIT had a very soft sale as well. I felt I
made this decision 100% on my own,” he added.

forward three years. After the typical challenges of getting a business
off the ground, Jason has since proved that fear is no longer part of
his business plan. Bob continues to provide business coaching services
to Jason and recently helped to identify an opportunity to merge with
Jason’s local competitor. Since then, his staff tripled in size and
sales grew exponentially. Jason has been honored 3 times by CMIT. In
2006, Jason received The Rising Star Award; in 2007 The Breakout Award;
and in 2008 The Franchisee of The Year Award. He is also a founding
member of the CMIT Pacesetters/Masterminds Club.

coaching I received made the difference for me,” says Jason. “Bob
helped me take down my emotional roadblocks and look at business
ownership clearly. He made sure I was making the decision for all the
right reasons,” he added.

Entrepreneur’s Source – The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) is North
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