Entrepreneur’s greatest fear is failure

Entrepreneur’s greatest fear is failure

Source:Exec Digital UK
Date:10/10/2007 11:27:40

a report published today on entrepreneurism, suggests an element
holding back would be entrepreneurs, is the risks associated with

2,500 UK adults took
part in the survey, carried out by mobile phone and broadband firm
Orange, found half of them had contemplated setting up a venture.

But the reason for not developing their idea was a lack of confidence and a need for more encouragement.

Younger people were found to be more optimistic but they also had a
greater fear of failure about setting up their own business.

Tim Campbell, former winner of the BBC’s show The Apprentice said
people considering setting up their own business was great news for the
UK economy.

Director of small business at Orange Business Services, Martin
Lyne, has called for a greater emphasis to be placed on business in the
educational system.

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