Gadget Girls closing the gap on Gadget Guys

Gadget Girls closing the gap on Gadget Guys

 Susan Moses

They own the latest Palm Pilot, can handle any computer meltdown and will gladly show off their new plasma screen tv- with surround sound!

If the description has you conjuring up images of a ‘gadget guy’ think
again! Because women are quickly closing the technology gap with men.
And that has billion dollar companies upping the ante to woo today’s
gadget girl.

The year was 1953 when Marilyn Monroe sang of her love for Harry Winston, Tiffany and Cartier, in "Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend". While diamonds haven’t lost their sparkle times have changed.

A recent survey by cable tv’s Oxygen Network ranks technology as a girl’s best friend.
In fact three out of four women asked preferred plasma to a diamond necklace!

It’s not just television, but technology as a whole that women are embracing. In the battle of the sexes women are now almost equal to men in the number of gadgets they own!

Suzanne Conroy’s list is impressive. "Wireless printer, wireless routers, laptops, cellphones, got the iPod, plasma television set. You can’t have a big plasma screen tv without having the surround sound," Suzanne says.

She hesitates to call herself a gadget girl, but rather a professional woman who has done her homework. "When you see something that someone else has that’s really cool, and it makes your life easier, it becomes imperatively important," Suzanne explains.

With worldwide sales topping 67 billion last year, Sony Corporation is taking a bold step to attract "tech-savy" females. It created a line of stores with women in mind, called "Sony Style".
The Beachwood store offers a concierge service, family friendly areas, live plants, comfortable furniture and demo-friendly products.

Store Manager Gary Garrison says, "when women come in we see that they steer toward our style oriented products like our 40 inch LCD tv that you can change the color around. Women flock towards that."

Sony’s approach is bold, but not unique, so says Sarah Melamed, President of Cleveland-based Melamed Riley Advertising. "Lowes did a lot of revamping of stores to make it more female friendly. Radio Shack has done some things. And there are others. They realize that there is just this tremendous buying power on the part of women, they want to be catered to," according to Melamed.


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