Half of Americans Will Go Online to Fullfill New Year’s Resolutions

Half of Americans Will Go Online to Fullfill New Year’s Resolutions

The internet will play big role in many Americans’ efforts to
fulfill their New Year’s resolutions, according
a recent study by Performics.
The research found that nearly half (48%) of respondents indicated they
would use the internet to perform research as it relates to
accomplishing their resolution.

Specifically, the December results from the “2009 Online Buyer
Economic Trend Study” revealed that 36% of US consumers indicate they
will go online to purchase items to further their resolutions, and 14%
say they will uise an online support group or community to help reach
their 2010 goals.

The study also found that 29% of respondents plan to use the internet
to track the progress they’re making with their resolutions, though
this activity had more appeal among the younger population. Some 44% of
those in Generations X and Y (ages 18-44) are likely to track progress
online, compared with only 20% of those ages 45+ who plan to do so.

Getting Back on Track

In terms of resolutions, consumers are looking forward to 2010 as a
year for getting back on track financially. Respondents’ top 2010 New
Year’s resolutions:

  • Saving more money (41%)
  • Enjoying life (38%)
  • Losing weight (38%)
  • Debt reduction or elimination (36%)

Money Management Top Priority

When Performics delved deeper into the topic of money management, it
found that more than half (56%) of respondents say they saved less than
they originally planned to in 2009, with 61% of women and 48% of men
indicating this was the case. After not saving as much money as planned
in 2009, the study found that 55% plan to save more in 2010. Of that
majority, 66% of women vs. 44% of men indicated they plan to save more.
There were also age gaps among planned savers in 2010: 66% of
18-44-year-olds plan to save more in 2010, vs. just half of those ages

In December 2009, 58% of respondents indicated that their household
economic situation is the same or better, compared with only 47%  in
April. December also marked the second consecutive month when a majority
of consumers indicated a positive perception of their household
economic situation. Additionally, respondents who utilized low-interest
mortgage rates, Cash for Clunkers and the new homeowner $8,000 stimulus
package in 2009 reported better household economic situations as a
result, Performics said.

“Regardless of age or gender, consumers are clearly ready for a fresh
start in the new decade,” said  Michael Kahn, SVP of marketing at
Performics. “For the past two months, most respondents have said they’ll
reintroduce purchases into their budget this year, and consumer
confidence has been rising. Balancing these returns to spending with
resolutions to boost saving could present some challenges, but consumers
clearly feel more confident entering 2010 than when they entered 2009.”

These findings closely echo results from several other surveys which
show that Americans are putting fiscal
resolutions above physical ones on the priority list for what they
need to address this year. These studies similarly showed that younger
Americans are more likely to show interest in making and keeping their
New Year’s resolutions.

About the study: Performics commissioned ROI Research to
conduct the study, consisting of monthly surveys from April through
December 2009. The December survey was conducted over a two-day period
among 300 consumers who have made an online purchase in the past six

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