Hot start-ups with cool technology

Hot start-ups with cool technology

Posted by DonDodge on December 15, 2005

part of my job with Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team I get to work
with lots of innovative start-ups with cool technology. Dan’l Lewin
wrote an Always On editorial Checked My List Twice highlighting some of those companies. I encourage you to read the entire article but here is a list of the companies mentioned;

  • Adesso Systems—Mobile apps for an occasionally connected world. A Red Herring  100. Think "WinFS today."
  • Akimbi—Automates
    and accelerates the setup and teardown of even the most complex
    multi-machine software configurations using virtualization technology.
    Winner at Under the Radar.
  • Akimbo—The first functional marriage of TV and the Internet. "Your wish is on demand."
  • AtHoc—Alerting specialists for warning systems, emergency operations centers, and critical communications.
  • AviCode—Can
    pinpoint the exact source of any bug in a .NET application in
    real-time—during production or development. Identifies the exact line
    of problem source code.
  • BeVocal—Provides hosted self-service voice application solutions for carriers and call centers.
  • Cicero Networks—Voice over Wireless IP that harnesses the power of wi-fi and Bluetooth networks to deliver wireless voice services.
  • Colligo—Instant
    collaboration for teams in the field: Lets any wireless capable laptop,
    Pocket PC, or Tablet PC instantly and securely network to one or more
    computers no matter where you are.
  • Coveo—Specialized enterprise search with superior relevance ranking, document summaries, and integrated security.
  • CXO Systems—Web services-based dashboards that enable a one-touch, comprehensive view of multiple business functions in real time.
  • Digipede—Its "many legs make light work" and turn any combination of servers and desktops into a grid for .NET apps.
  • EchoPass—Offers complete solutions for on-demand call and contact center needs.
  • eSecurity—Security
    event management and continuous compliance monitoring for IT controls;
    makes sense out of the deluge of security log data that all the
    different systems on the network spit out.
  • Exact Target—A SaaS e-mail marketing company with a very slick AJAX interface that has achieved massive scale.
  • Fortify—Kind
    of like a mega-powerful cereal for your code; it figures out security
    problems during code development so you don’t become the next
  • Forum Systems—Hardware appliances provide secure transmission and acceleration of XML data.
  • Fractal Edge—Cool
    visualization technology that lets you maintain and know your place
    anywhere within the hierarchy as you drill down on data. A Red Herring  Top 100 Private Company in Europe, 2005.
  • Grouper—Provides
    a way for friends and family to share videos and photos online via .NET
    smart client applications. Friends-only file sharing.
  • IdeaBlade—.NET on Rails. A framework for building service-based applications and distributed clients.
  • IP Commerce—Transaction payment platform and toolsets that enable the IP Payments Framework,
    a partnership Software as a Service system for incumbent and emerging
    players involved in electronic payments. Chase Merchant Services, a
    division of Chase Manhattan Bank, is an initial partner.
  • IDV Solutions—A visualization and geographical mapping solution. Integrates with MapPoint, Visio, and SQL.
    scale workflow solution that automates any business process spanning
    people, divisions, technology, and distance. It has a powerful
    drag-and-drop design environment.
  • LoyaltyLab—Software
    service that lets merchants easily manage an online rewards/points
    system and create custom marketing messages to customers.
  • Newsgator—RSS aggregation from consumer to enterprise, from phone to desktop.
  • Onfolio—Built
    into the browser, it’s a convenient and familiar tool that will help
    make web research more efficient, thorough, and organized.
  • OutlookSoft—Web-based
    solution delivers real-time planning, budgeting, forecasting,
    consolidation, analysis, reporting, score carding, and process
  • OSIsoft—Delivers
    performance management software to the world’s leading process
    manufacturing, life sciences, and utility companies—anywhere real-time
    operational metrics fuel performance.
  • Oxlo Systems—Lets automotive dealers integrate their systems with auto manufacturers, service providers, and other partners.
  • Rackwise—Focused
    on automating the manual processes associated with designing,
    documenting, and tracking changing networks in a datacenter through an
    on-line subscription service.
  • Skelta—Superior
    yet affordable workflow technology has let software vendors and
    enterprises implement workflows rapidly and at significantly reduced
    costs. 100% web based, multicultural architecture for anywhere, anytime
    access. Red Herring  Top 100 Private Companies in Asia.
  • Tableau—The Visual Spreadsheet, it provides visual reporting and analysis solutions.
  • Workshare—Lets
    you exchange high-value business documents and be certain the right
    information—and only the right information—is in your document. Works
    in-line with Microsoft Office.
  • We work with hundreds of new start-ups developing products on the
    Microsoft platform. These are a representative sample of the kinds of
    companies and products we like. If you have a new start-up building
    innovative products and services on Microsoft platforms we want to help
    you. Drop me an email (ddodge at microsoft dot com) and I will direct
    you to the right person.


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