How Moms Use Their iPhones

October 26, 2009

According to a new survey by mobile advertising network Greystripe,
mothers with iPhones regularly let their children use their phones,
download games specifically for their children and often use their
phones at grocery stores to compare prices and check their grocery
Not too long ago, mothers were still considered to be a hard group
to reach through mobile applications because they tend to be late
adopters. The iPhone’s mainstream success has changed this , however, and iPhone moms have now become a desirable target demographic for marketers.

Greystripe is a brand-focused advertising network and obviously has
an interest in making this group attractive for advertisers, but the
statistics in this report seem pretty solid. Greystripe found the 1,294
respondents who filled out this survey through house ads on its own

The iPhone Mom

According to Greystripe, 96% of mothers with iPhones are involved in
their family’s purchasing decisions and 40% are the sole decision
makers. Eighty percent have attended at least some college and are
slightly more likely to have received a Graduate degree than the rest
of the iPhone user base. The age of the children in these families
skews slightly older, with 29% of the moms having children between 0
and 4, while 43% have children between 15 and 17.




How iPhone Moms Use Their Phones: Shopping and Keeping the Kids Entertained

What is more interesting, though, is how these moms use their
iPhones. Fifty-nine percent of all iPhone moms let their children use
their phones and 41% download games specifically for their children.
Twenty percent also download educational content for their kids.

With regards to shopping, 79% of all iPhone moms use their phones
for ‘shopping related activities.’ The majority of these activities
consist of locating stores (60%). Thirty-nine percent also use the
phone to compare prices. Nineteen percent of iPhone moms download
coupons, 23% look for items on sale and 37% use their phones to learn
about products.

When it comes to using the phone in stores, 42% of the mothers who
responded to the Greystripe survey said that they regularly use their
phones at the grocery store. Grocery list applications – or just the
Notes app on the iPhone and iPod touch – are the most popular uses for
the iPhone and 19% of all moms use these. Thirteen percent of moms also
use the phone to look up prices in the store itself – which explains
the popularity of apps like Red Laser.


Greystripe’s founder and CEO Michael Chang told us last week, this data
shows how the iPhone has become a tool for everyday life for this
demographic. This group tends to have a large influence over everyday
purchase decisions in their families and these iPhone moms often use
their phones to make a good number of these decisions, which make them
an attractive target for marketers.

This study also shows that there is a large market for apps that are
specifically geared towards this demographic, including mobile price
comparison apps or apps that can deliver mobile coupons – and a lot of
iPhone dads will probably be interested in these apps as well.

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