How to build backlinks to increase link popularity

How to build backlinks to increase link popularity

Building backlinks to increase your link popularity is a major part of Search Engine Optimization. The more backlinks your site has, the higher your site will be listed in the Search Engines.

We launched this site on the 12th of Jan with no incoming links at all.
As of today we have over 20,000 backlinks.

You can check out our backlinks on this link popularity checker

How have we achieved such a large amount of links in such a short time?

We have obviously invested a lot of time and effort to build the link popularity of our site, but basically we have used these methods.
Articles – A well written article is
a great way to generate backlinks to your site. Write a good Article,
add links to your site in the Article, and submit it to the thousands
of free article directories on the web.

Free Directory Submissions
– There are thousands of free directories where you can submit your
site. We have a list of over 4000 free directories. It is a very time
consuming job, but once you are listed, your site stays there for good.

Blog Posts
– Blog posts are similar to articles. There are again thousand of blogs
online where you can submit your blog posts. You can usually get more
links in a blog post than an article. Some blog owners will let you
have up to 5 links in one post.

Link Baiting – This is
basically where you write some useful content on your site in the hope
that people will link to it. In the early days of the internet site
owners would link to sites that they found useful, and had information
that would benefit their visitors. But with so much information freely
available, site owners tend not to do this anymore unless they get a
link back to their site. There are still people out there that value
good content, and will link back to you. You just have to work harder
to get the information that people want.

Building your link popularity is a long hard road. But if you stick at it you will see the results.
You could always take the easy way out of course and pay an SEO like myself to do it for you. :-)


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