How to Double Your AdSense Income Instantly

How to Double Your AdSense Income Instantly

By Daegan Smith

pileofmoney.jpgAs you probably already know, AdSense is
revolutionizing the way many infopreneurs are creating revenue from
their web site traffic. The reason for this is its simplicity. Through
AdSense, revenue is generated when someone simply clicks thru the
AdSense ads displayed on the webmasters web site.

In this article I want to give you a few simple ways to dramatically increase your AdSense income.

The bottom line:

To increase AdSense income all you must do is increase the number of click thrus you receive.

are two ways for you to increase your total number of click thrus. You
can either increase your website traffic or you can increase your
AdSense click thru rate. Now, getting more traffic would be great, but
let’s be honest increasing your web site traffic is much easier said
than done. So, let’s focus on increasing your AdSense click thru rate

4 Tips to Increase Click Thru:

Match your AdSense to your website:

want your AdSense ads to appear as seamless as possible. Your goal is
to match every aspect of your AdSense ads to the theme of your website.
What you want to do is remove the borders from your AdSense ads and
match the background color of the ad to your website. Additionally, you
want to match the color of the AdSense links to the rest of the links
on your website plus choose an ad format that makes the ads look

For example, if your web site has a white background
and the default color of your hypertext links is blue you will want to
remove the border from your AdSense, make the background white, choose
either a square or a rectangle as your ad format instead of a
skyscraper or banner, and yep you guessed it… make the links blue.

Placement Matters:

you place your AdSense ads is just as important as how they look.
Luckily, there are only a few concepts that you need to worry about in
order to increase your click through rate.

•The more white space around your ads the better

•The closer to the top of the page the better
•The closer the left of the page the better

these concepts and I can assure you that you will see an increase in
your AdSense click thru rate. (It really is that simply!)

Google Search:

this is one that I rarely see webmasters take advantage of. The Google
AdSense program gives webmasters the ability to add a Google search box
to there web site.

Why should you use this function?

when a website visitor chooses to use this search box from your website
your AdSense ID will be imbedded in ALL of that visitors Google
searches. If that person does 1 search or 50 your AdSense ID will still
be imbedded throughout process.

Why is this so great?

that visitor clicks on any of the sponsored listings while surfing from
your web site guess who makes money. YOU! If they hit the back button
and click on another ad guess who makes money? YOU! This is absolutely
huge. Through this function you now have the ability to earn multiple
click thrus from the same visitor on the site visit. Please don’t
overlook how powerful this is. Besides, most of your website traffic
will just be browsing anyway, so I why help them find what there
looking for and make a little coin along the way?


like any other type of marketing, you won’t know what’s working the
best for you on your web site unless you track the different things
that you’re experimenting with. Set up a few Google AdSense channels
for the different ads that you’ll be placing on your website. Then just
see which channels are working the best and stick to those.

That’s it!

the tips above and I can assure you that you will absolutely double
your AdSense click thru rate and your AdSense income. The best part
about the four tips I’ve shared here is that you can put them into
action immediately and see how they will work on your website right
now. Who knows… you could be making twice as much by tomorrow by just
making a few simple tweaks here and there.

Good Luck!

you don’t know where to start and you want to check out how I’ve
incorporated the above ideas into of my website you can check it out

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