How To Establish Your Self Confidence As An Entrepreneur

How To Establish Your Self Confidence As An Entrepreneur

Abe Cherian, Expert Author
Published: 2005-12-1

It is only natural that when you start a business, you are doing something different than most people.

They not only will look at you because you stick out like a sore thumb, but human nature will cause people to naturally ridicule what you are doing.

They will tell you all types of things like: "You’re not Business
material." "You can’t make a living working for yourself." "You’ll fail
because nobody can ever make any money that way."

Being an
entrepreneur is not just about having a lot of ideas or business sense.
It is also about having a lot of guts. You have to build
self-confidence in yourself. You have to only be concerned with
pleasing yourself.

Then, when you should fail with this particular venture, you’ll just dust yourself off and start again. It doesn’t matter if people think you’re nuts. They aren’t paying your rent and running your life. Don’t be concerned with what people "think" you should be.

Simply please yourself and do what you feel is right. People are too busy competing with society and "keeping up with the Jones’s" that they do things they are not comfortable with just to appease them and look normal whatever that is.

And if you have to, start out small in building your self confidence. I used to be so self-conscious that I would never go to a public event alone because I thought people would believe I was lonely and had no friends.

Unbelievable, but true. Everyday I worked on walking into public places adjusting to their environment. I’d take a magazine or would be by myself. I would glance around, and to my amazement, no one ever looked at me. No one cared that I was alone. Then it dawned on me. "Who cares what these people think? I’ll never see them again." Besides, there were a lot of other people all by themselves also and I could absorb myself in the magazine I had took to read. Now I can enjoy the comfort of being by myself and not give any thought to the people around me.

When most people do fail in business they try to "save face" by telling everyone they are "just in a slump" and every thing will be back to normal soon. Besides, they don’t want people to say: "I told you so" and destroy any pride they are still hanging onto. Unfortunately, this only delays the problem and creates even more false hope for the people in your life as well as yourself.

The best thing to do for anybody in this catastrophe is to swallow their pride and admit they screwed up. Just face it head on! Admit that you were so proud of your accomplishments that your mind became diluted with "visions of sugar plums and fantasyland."

If your small business is beyond repair, go out and find a job and begin working on your next small business in the near future. Keep your family fed and your financial obligations met but look forward to the day when you will succeed with your new business venture.

And why should you try again? Simply because you won’t make the same mistakes you made this time. If you built something successful before, but failed, you are certain to build the next business stronger and wiser. Even if you fail the second time, it won’t be because of mistakes you made the first time. You’ll learn more and more and eventually be successful.

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