How to turn your hobby into a profession

How to turn your hobby into a profession – entrepreneur opens online shop for laser shows


Oberschleißheim/Munich, March 7th, 2006. Ever since his youth, Bernd Steinert has been interested in technology and laser shows. His enthusiasm has gone so far that, by now, he calls a white light laser bench with two scanners his own. And the third one is in the making, as he proudly announces.

As any professional knows, simply investing in expensive laser hard- and software alone is not enough. New laser shows – the so-called `showware´ – must be steadily developed in order to win over the audience again and again.

In doing so, one is spoilt for choice: either constantly searching for an appropriate laser show, or binding oneself to the subscription of one manufacturer. Programming one’s own laser show becomes an alternative. But who has the ability and staff to do that?

"Even the most experienced programmers need at least ten hours to design a single minute of the beam show. A perfect laser show, synchronised to a musical piece of only four minutes length, takes at least a whole week of hard and creative labor", says Bernd Steinert.

After a trial run, the entrepreneur from Oberschleißheim has officially opened the doors to his laser show software online shop on the internet, , on March 1st, 2006.

Under this address, he provides potential users such as discotheques and laser show operators with shows from various manufacturers and programmers on a single website.

"At first, we planned to stick to a German version until the autumn of 2006. But the trial run has shown that the website has already been visited by so many parties interested from various countries, that we now offer our services in English as well", says Bernd Steinert.

Programmers and manufacturers are offered marketing and world-wide distribution of laser show `showware´ to professional customers.

Steinert’s online shop has started with twelve own shows and additional shows for the Pangolin LD2000 system from a number of manufacturers. The offer already spans from shows for 70 euros and more, for systems with a single scanner, to the premium range of big systems with three or more white light scanners.

"In addition to the single shows with accompanying original music CDs, will soon offer individually combined show packages and subscriptions by different programmers. Therefore, our customers need not bind themselves to a single show manufacturer to get a good package price.

"Every developed show can be adapted to special wishes, and we design or arrange individually programmed laser shows on demand. Our specialty in this area is the customized programming of animated 3-D graphics shows for special occasions.

"Apt to the music and sophisticated imagination of our customers, these shows are designed with 3-D Studio MAX, using images or a `script´ to produce a laser show appropriate to the event or product presentation", says company owner Bernd Steinert, and he emphasizes that he can connect laser show end customers, who do not have their own laser system, with qualified laser show presenters through personal contact.

The entrepreneur is confident that he will shortly win over many more programmers for the distribution of shows in his online shop, in order to rapidly increase the number of available shows to treble figures.

Today, there are already shows available for all occasions, such as disco events or product presentation, ranging from classical music to rock, electronic and dance music, or even techno.

If he still finds time, Bernd Steinert wants to continue programming his own new shows and offer them on In order not to buy a pig in a poke, one-minute previews of all shows can be ordered for free on the website.

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