I give up!

I give up!

August 30,2007 8:29pm PST

I’ve launched my site.  Now what?  

Frustration sets in as you frantically try to find ways to advertise and get people to know what you’re all about.  What do you do?  I’m not an advertising guru nor do I have the staff but moreover.. don’t have the $$ to push it out.

Then it hits me….  How did the most popular sites in the universe do it?  

Question for you: How many Google ads have you seen while they were getting started?   How many TV spots did you see about eBay?  How many ads online or offline did you see about Facebook or MySpace?  But how did they get so popular?

How did this happen?  Word of mouth.  There is no question the best way to get noticed is through word of mouth.  Let’s face it.  The most powerful communication tool in the known universe is the word of mouth.   So
how’s that done exactly?  Ironically.. advertise!  Incredilbly ironic. 
You have to find that one person, that one soul, that one source of
communication conduit of which your message has to convey through.

So back to square one.  You advertise until you find that one soul,
one individual, one conduit that can and will convey your message.  
Watch your visitors and once you build it, they will come.  Beyond
being patient advertise like crazy.

Here are few place where I know people exist to seek the information I’m trying to provide:

  1. Meetup.com
    : Excellent resource.  There are hundreds that seek the holly grail of
    one key information that will help them achieve.   So join, mingle and
    let them know what you are and what you’re about.  Hopefully a friend
    will tell a friend then another friend then another.. then the world!
  2. Write comments on high traffic blogs.   Seek out blogs that talks to your space, your interest because there will be others you there.
  3. Craigslist.org
    : Nice central point but harsh environment.   My postings about this
    site doesn’t violate CL’s rules but people flag me because I’m
    advertising but I’m doing no harm and it isn’t against CL’s rules so. 
    Have a thick skin and keep posting.
  4. Join social networks in your space and be a contributor.
  5. Submit Press Releases – There are many online PR firms that will do it for free or at a minimal cost.

So don’t despair.  Don’t give up.  eBay didn’t build their client
base overnite. Don’t lose sight of why you did what you’re doing.  Keep
that mission statement in your sight at all times.

Keep advertising in those free places…you never know when that soul with the golden mouth will bite.

As I’m writing this blog.  I am doing this exact thing.  You should be able to see me in action :)


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