Immigrant Entrepreneurs Experience American-Style Success

Immigrant Entrepreneurs Experience American-Style Success

Tom Szaky is the CEO of Terracycle, a company that creates garden
products entirely from waste. "I think America by far is one of the
best countries for people to come to as an immigrant, especially as an
entrepreneur," said Szaky, who was born in Hungary and raised in
Canada.  (Courtesy Tom Szaky)

From 20/20

Nov. 13, 2007

Baseball is America’s great national pastime. But when the crowd cheers
for a player’s home run in the World Series, chances are that player
isn’t even American. One-fourth of all Major League Baseball players
are foreign born. They’re Dominican, Venezuelan, Japanese, Cuban.
They’re living out their American dreams, they get to stay in the U.S.
as long as they play ball, and many of them will become U.S. citizens.

For centuries, the United States has been the land of opportunity for
immigrants — it was a Russian, Igor Sikorsky, who gave America the
first helicopter. And Alexander Graham Bell wasn’t American. He was
Scottish, but he unveiled the first telephone. Immigrants have been a
driving force in business ventures all across America; companies like
Yahoo, Google, eBay and Intel were all founded by immigrants.


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