InOneWeekend, 100 People and a Carload of Caffeine Built a Business

InOneWeekend, 100 People and a Carload of Caffeine Built a Business

Last update: 12:09 p.m. EDT July 22, 2008

One hundred people with diverse backgrounds gathered together at
the University of Cincinnati with one common goal in mind–to create a
new Internet start-up company in one weekend.
InOneWeekend ( kicked off Friday, July 11 at
3 p.m. with a keynote speech on innovation by Roy Gilbert, Director of
Global Consumer Operations for Google. After the speech, participants
began work to develop a new business concept, build a technology
prototype, create a business plan and deliver an investor presentation
to venture capitalists.

The participants ranged from students and corporate employees who
wanted to learn the skills involved in creating a start-up to
entrepreneurial veterans who wanted to get back in the game. It
included men and women from all over the region, and integrated
programmers, designers, marketing executives, financial planners and
management personnel.

"The weekend is about experiencing the start-up life without
having to quit your day job," said Stephen Boord of Neyer Holdings, a
sponsor of InOneWeekend.
Jeff Stamp, a consultant who has successfully launched six
start-ups and products including Baked! Lays(R) Potato Crisps (chips),
facilitated Friday’s creative session. During that session,
participants developed more than 50 ideas for a company. The proposals
were narrowed down and one idea was selected. After little more than
36 hours, the final creation was named LifeSpoke(TM).
LifeSpoke is a new online personal media archive targeting the
"memory holders" within every family. The website employs an
innovative, patent-pending personal timeline that allows easy
searching of specific media. An interactive "memory wheel" allows
users to build and manipulate highly customizable clusters of content,
including photos, video, audio, and narratives, which can then be
shared with friends and family around the world.
Though still in development, LifeSpoke hopes to help its users
capture, create and share all of life’s memories and maintain intimate
connections with one another. Anyone interested in becoming a part of
the Beta test group can create an account by visiting
As illustrated by the new company’s tagline, LifeSpoke hopes
millions around the world will sign on and begin "Sharing the
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