Internet Entrepreneur Launches Quit Smoking Program

Internet Entrepreneur Launches Quit Smoking Program

Written by Jae Taylor
Friday, 10 August 2007

"How I broke free from being a chain smoker"
Smoking cigarettes remains the third leading cause of death in the
United States. But learning how to quit smoking for good is so
difficult despite its glaringly harmful consequences?

Could it be that the true reason behind cigarette addiction dwells deep within the subconscious mind?

Rick Beneteau and Rick Saruna the co-creators of the Quit Smoking For Good Right Now program believe that’s exactly where the key to cigarette addiction resides.

to Beneteau and Saruna the only way to permanently quit smoking is to
use specialized NLP (Neuro-Linguistis-Programing), a popular form of
hypnosis therapy.

Beneteau, a self confessed life long smoker
who puffed away at cigarettes for 39 years, was finally able to
permanently quit his smoking habit after using advanced NLP techniques
as applied by Saruna. The whole process took a mere three hours to

He said all I had to do to was set aside three hours
of my time and pick the date for what I now call D-Day, or done-day?
expresses Beneteau, ?I believed in the power of the mind and all?but
Rick’s promise to quit smoking for good would have been an absolute
miracle in my case!, he adds.

But in the end it did work and Beneteau has been smoke free ever since.

to the Quit Smoking Right For Good Now program, there are strong
unconscious thought patterns that govern a nicotine addict?s mind,
preventing the smoker from kicking the habit.

These include
false notions that may have been slyly put in place over years of
exposure to the tobacco industry?s special advertising campaigns.

and Saruna believe that in addition to these false beliefs, a general
lack of knowledge regarding the physical realities of smoking and the
extremely addictive ingredients laced into cigarettes, prevent
successful quitting among the %90 who try to quit smoking.

and Saruna contend that the only way to permanently quit smoking for
good is to remove these false ideas from the subconscious mind and
learn the truth behind nicotine addiction. It was your mind that
convinced your body to start smoking in the first place and it is only
your mind that can convince your body to quit, argues Beneteau.

Quit Smoking Right For Good Now program does not involve any
medications, supplements, special diets or exercise programs, instead
the program relies on the use of NLP hypnosis therapy to permanently
eliminate nicotine and cigarette addiction in a matter of hours.

Saruna is not a newcomer when it comes to hypnosis therapy. He is
certified as a master in advanced NLP and medical hypnosis therapy. He
currently heads a successful clinic specializing in the use of hypnosis
and NLP treatment for a wide range of conditions.

He has joined
forces with Rick Beneteau, a successful internet entrepreneur, in order
to bring his program online. The Quit Smoking Right For Good Now
program is available online.

For more information on the Quit Smoking Right For Good Now program you can visit the website here:

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