Internet Keeps Young People Upbeat

Internet Keeps Young People Upbeat

AUGUST 27, 2007

Tech is part of a balanced life for most youths.

Young people age 13 to 24 today are generally very happy and optimistic about the future, according to an MTVAssociated Press study conducted by Knowledge Networks in April 2007.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said they were happy with the
way things were going in their lives in general, and 62% thought they
would be even happier in the future. Only one-fifth said they were

"Nearly two-thirds of the young people surveyed said they think
that the Internet, instant messaging, cell phones and other
technologies make people happier, and 61% said those things make them
feel closer to their family," said eMarketer senior analyst Debra Aho
Williamson. "You simply cannot separate young people from technology;
it is part of who they are."

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Respondents generally said living without technology would be
stressful. Nearly half of young people never turn off their mobile
phones, even when they’re trying to relax or "chill out."

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Harris Interactive
asked kids and teens in October 2006 what things made them happy.
Having a PC made more than half of both groups happy. Mobile phones
were more important to teens than to children.

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When asked what activities made them happy, watching TV topped the
list for 86% of kids and 72% of teens, above such also-rans as hanging
out with friends.

The MTV-AP study took a broader view of what made young people
happy, asking about such aspects as family and religion. Both areas of
interest generally made respondents happier.

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