Is Yahoo! Better than Google?

Is Yahoo! Better than Google?

AUGUST 15, 2007

Search is not the final word for all portal users.

makes one portal better than another, either for users or for
marketers? Or are all portals fundamentally alike, easily exchanged by
visitors and advertisers? Further, how does Yahoo! differentiate itself
from Google or MSN, for instance?

From the audience point of view, as measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index,
US consumers now express more satisfaction with Yahoo! than Google,, MSN or AOL. The ACSI report on e-business Web sites is
sponsored by ForeSee Results.

"Even more important than Yahoo!’s first lead over Google is the
trend of their scores moving in opposite directions," Larry Freed,
president/CEO of ForeSee, said in a statement. "We may see a real
turnaround for Yahoo! in the next year."

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Past performance is not an indicator of future results. But the fact
remains that Google is not the be-all and end-all for all users. So
which portals are best for reaching which type of user?

Within each portal, the most visited subdomains describe the most popular offerings. A December 2006 Quantcast
study showed that for AOL, the most popular application was instant
messaging. For MSN and Yahoo!, it was e-mail. If portals are defined as
a gateway to another destination, Google might be more pure portal than
the other three large sites. Its most popular subdomain is its
specialized images search.

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So search, communication and content differentiate the top portals.
For marketers, choosing the "best" portal depends on who they want to
reach and may mean using more than one in the end.

"For most brand-oriented campaigns, a mix of portal placements
and focused ad network buys can offer the greatest reach—with the
caveat that a good share of the audience might be duplicated across the
portal-network combination," said eMarketer senior analyst David

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