Men Use More Mobile Minutes…

Men Use More Mobile Minutes… – 6.25.2007 [more]US women are catching up with men in mobile phone usage, according to a poll commissioned by AT&T and conducted by International Communications Research in May 2007.

After six years of AT&T surveys indicating men used significantly more minutes than women on average, this year men spoke an average of only five minutes more per month on their mobile phones than women.

The survey also revealed that women use mobile phones more than men to talk with friends and family, but men used their phones more for business conversations.

Almost half of mobile subscribers now use their phones for text-messaging, and 44% use cameras on their phones.

Nearly a fifth of mobile subscribers said they played games on their mobile devices, and 11% used mobile e-mail.

All respondents used mobile phones more than their home phones, which is not surprising considering the sample was composed of AT&T mobile customers.

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