Mister Wong launches English version of social-bookmarking service

Mister Wong launches English version of social-bookmarking service

The first question that pops into my head when checking out new social-bookmarking services is, How does it stack up to Del.icio.us? It’s one of the most popular social-bookmarking services, and also one of the oldest. Mister Wong
is the new kid on the block. It’s a social bookmarking service that’s
been around in Europe since early 2006 and claims to be the
second-most-popular bookmarking service worldwide. It launched the
English version this morning, and I think it’s good enough to make a
mark in the bookmarking crowd.

Like other bookmarking services, Mister Wong lets you save links for
yourself and to share them with others. This can be managed on the
site, or by installing a toolbar
for your browser. The toolbar gives you three options: one to bookmark,
one to share, and a quick link back to the Mister Wong front door. Once
installed, the toolbar has a few benefits. For one, you’ll be able to
add links while browsing and without having to navigate back to the
site. The other is to choose which version of Mister Wong you want to
share the link to, as there are localized versions in six different
countries. I don’t think I’d ever use this feature, but it’s nice that
it’s there. For those who don’t feel like installing anything in their
browsers, there’s a bookmarklet too.

Mister Wong takes a slightly different approach than Del.icio.us
when it comes to sharing links with others. While Del.icio.us has a
vague notion of groups with its browse-by-tags feature, Mister Wong’s
variation is much more concrete. There is the idea of the collective,
but there is also a set of smaller, user-created factions called
groups. Groups are a communal hodgepodge of links that can be added by
anyone who is a member. The service then borrows a little from Reddit
with a voting system that lets you do a virtual thumbs-up or
thumbs-down to decide which links should rise to the top. There’s also
a buddy system to make friends, and user profiles that show off your
latest stream of links and bookmarks.

As far as integration goes, Mister Wong has a variety of tools set
up to let you share your links with others, or add "Wong it" buttons to
your blog or Web site. There are also embeddable badges and widgets for
Netvibes, Pageflakes, OS X Dashboard, and Vista’s Sidebar.

Ultimately, the use for services like these come down to finding new
and interesting links. For that, Mister Wong does a good job, and will
do better with a larger group of users who put in the time and effort
to add and rate new bookmarks.

Mister Wong is a little reminiscent of Del.icio.us, with a hot list and tag cloud for new bookmarks.

(Credit: CNET Networks)

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