Mother Entrepreneur Pitches Invention to QVC

Mother Entrepreneur Pitches Invention to QVC

Written by Kathy Murdock

Mom Entrepreneur Presents to QVC

Chino Hills, Ca — Apr 23, 2007 — /prbuzz/ — Have you designed a new product and are now stuck wondering about the next big step? Jasmine Thompson, owner of The Sack Rack, wondered this too; but on March 26th she presented her idea to QVC executives in Los Angeles, California, along with thousands of other inventors. If The Sack Rack is chosen as one of the top ten finalists, Jasmine will head to Chicago to present her product to the Oprah Winfrey Show, who is in search of the next big idea. If Oprah's studio audience decides that The Sack Rack is the next big idea, Jasmine will have the opportunity to sell her product on QVC. Not bad for this busy mother of three, whose children include a three month old baby and a three and a five year old.

Why did Jasmine take this route for getting her product out into the hands of the public? "We wanted to try QVC since the channel is known for selling unique items, and a large demographic of the QVC audience are moms."

The Sack Rack is a plastic, lightweight device, small enough to fit into a purse but strong enough to carry up to 50 pounds of groceries. The design of The Sack Rack keeps the grocery bags closed even when the bags are set on the ground, making it a perfect item for mass transit or for use in the back of the car: No more chasing after runaway fruit. The Sack Rack also frees up the second hand, allowing the user to hold on to keys, stair railings, or a child's hand.

Originally designed by a friend of the Thompson family, The Sack Rack remained dormant due to lack of funds until Jasmine and her husband Bill came along. Jasmine's family believed so much in The Sack Rack that they used the money that they had in their bank account and invested. Their first step was to hire a patent attorney; a patent is pending at this time. The time has now come to begin marketing the product, and Jasmine feels the QVC pitch was the perfect platform on which to start.

Winners of this portion of the contest will be notified on April 27th, and if Jasmine is one of those chosen, the first thing that she plans to do is to contact her husband's brother so that he can plan a family reunion in Chicago.

You can check out The Sack Rack on the web at Special discounts apply for multiple purchases, and The Sack Rack is also available for both wholesale and fundraising opportunities.

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