My time at Google, by the numbers

My time at Google, by the numbers

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I joined Google as part of the Blogger acquisition in February 2003.
There were only six of us on the Pyra Labs team and we were Google’s
first acquisition*. Google was only about 600 employees strong. There
were times when we felt like royalty and other times when we felt like
guinea pigs but all-in-all it has been an amazing ride. I’m very
grateful that after joining that I was not only able to contribute on
Blogger but to start-up my own product (Google Reader)
which by most accounts is now the #1 web-based feed reader. When I
wanted to get back to business development I found a great home on a
fantastic team and even got to work on products I know and love like
Picasa, Reader and Blogger.

I’ve been working with Blogger for a
long time. In October 2000, I tracked down the co-founders Ev and Meg.
Having become a Blogger user and fan in mid-2000, I asked if they were
making any money and if they could use any help. The answers were "No
and Yes." Even though I was an unpaid consultant and friend of the
company at the time I devoted myself to what I believed would become
huge. I’m glad I was right and even more glad that they accepted my

Despite the fun I’ve had at Google and the weird looks I’m
going to get from people for turning down the free Google food,
massages, excellent benefits and the like – I feel I’ve got that
entrepreneurial/start-up bug deep within me and I can’t help but think
about the next thing. I’m going to take a little time off while I think
about what is next (hopefully while surfing and riding my bike in Santa
Cruz) but I’ve decided to leave Google. I have a few ideas but if you
have a better one – let me know. Below is a quick infographic of some
stats I’ve compiled on the things I’ve worked or transpired during my
time here. To all of my co-workers reading this, you still work at an
amazing company and I thank you for your friendship, also I’ll be
stopping by for lunch. ;)

* Google acquired the assets of before our acquisition, but not with live humans.

Google by the numbers graphic


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