MyDogSpace Launches Pet Community

MyDogSpace Launches Pet Community

June 27, 2007  — 07:06 PM PDT — by Kristen Nicole

MyDogSpace is exactly what the name implies: a MySpace for your dog. Created by the folks behind DateMyPet, the online community offers the basic networking tools for your dog to meet other dogs.

Upload pictures of your dogs, create blog entries, make doggie friends, leave comments (or "barks") on other profiles, and participate in forums. MyDogSpace is sure to separate the owner from the dog profiles; as a human, you’re limited to one photo. You’ll have to create a dog profile to add more than one image to your gallery. One good feature on MyDogSpace is the clean and easily maneuverable way in which you can have and view multiple dog profiles under one owner. Another great feature for the community is the "traits" section of the dog profile that lets you indicate things like a dog that needs to be rescued, or one that’s looking to mate.

In all, MyDogSpace is a basic but easy-to-use social network where
owners get more of a kick out of it than the dogs do. I’d like to see
support for video uploads (pet owners love those, right?) and some
additional ways in which to be connected to existing friends or new
users, such as a news feed on the profile page showing friends’ recent
blog entries. As expected, a MyCatSpace is on its way, so we’ll be sure
to keep an eye out for that.

Similar services include Dogster, UnitedPets and VivaPets.

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