New Eyes.. need new eyes…

New Eyes

What are new eyes?   Well as they say, it depends on how you look at it.   

  1. Glass half full or half empty
  2. Winston Churchill:
    "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

Is $10 a good deal when the original price was $15?

  1. Do you think you’re getting a pretty good deal?
  2. Or Do you analyze and realize it should be for less?











If you chose #1, then you’re still thinking like a consumer and don’t have that "New Eyes" but if you chose #2 then you’re on the right path of becoming an entrepreneur. 

why?  What’s the difference?

#1 thinking like a consumer see’s the regular price and then the
sale price and realizes it’s 33% off.  They’re thinking they’re getting
a bargin.

#2 on the other hand, analyzes the material made,
craftmanship, delivery cost, retail markup, bill or cost of materials,
marketing etc…   then adds it all up to then finally come up with a
price in their heads.  Then they can decide whether they’re getting a
good deal or not.  That’s "New Eyes".  

Once you start
thinking this way, you will see an opportunity around every corner and
you’ll realize how foggy your vision was.  You have been unconsumerized!!

that box of oat bran really improved?!  Is that $10 bottle water really
worth $9 more than a $1 bottle of water?  really?  or is that all
marketing perception?

It’s all marketing perception.. and you
know that.   Just that.. at’s hard to go with a smarter
choice.  So very hard….  

Do you go with $100,000 Mercedes or
$50,000 Lexus with same power, comfort, craftmanship but different

Next time you see a meal or a product you think you’re getting a good deal on.. look at it again with.. New Eyes!

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