Nielsen: Number of Mobile Video Users Leaps 70% in Q2 09

Nielsen: Number of Mobile Video Users Leaps 70% in Q2 09

Published on September 02, 2009

latest A2/M2 Three Screen Report, which measures video consumption of
Americans across TV, the internet and mobile, shows that mobile and
online video consumption were up significantly in the second quarter of
2009 from Q2 08.

The mobile video audience jumped 70%, while time spent watching online video increased 46%, or by 59 minutes, according to the report (registration req’d).

The increase in video consumption across other platforms did not
take away from television viewing. Rather, time spent watching TV
increased by 2 hours and 2 minutes compared to the second quarter 2008.

American consumers appear to be adding video consumption platforms
rather than replacing them, and media multitasking is part of the
equation. More than half (57%) of Americans with internet access are
using TV and accessing the internet simultaneously at least once a
month. While this viewing represents just 3% of their TV time, it
equals 28% of their at-home internet usage.

Time-shifted viewing is also on the rise. Americans watched 1 hour
and 11 minutes more time-shifted TV in Q2 09 than they did in the
second quarter last year.

A study from Knowledge Networks shows
that more than two-thirds of Americans now use mobile devices that are
video-enabled. Overall, 66% of Americans who have broadband access at
home have iPods, cell phones or laptops with video capabilities.

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