Online Business Ideas For The Starting Entrepreneur

Top Internet Businesses – Online Business Ideas For The Starting Entrepreneur

By dave of | January 22, 2008

This article is aimed to give you an overview of the many types of
online businesses you can start. It goes over ideas for what to sell
and in what form to sell it. These business models and internet
business ideas are all proven by many, many others. But beware, every
idea is only a dream until action is being taken.

Let’s start with the basics on what to sell. We can break this up
into three categories: information (or ideas), products and services.
Every item has it’s positive and negative points, so let’s go over them
in detail. 


1. Information

The sale of an idea, thought or dream has been a hard one for many
years. But since the mainstream has covered it as a way to get rich
quickly, thru licensing, financing, investing and many other means – it
has been accepted. All around the world people are constantly looking
for information. It’s a market with supply and demand.

Information can be hard to sell since it isn’t tangible. You can’t
create the perceived value the way you can with a physical product or a
service with certain features. The idea is a concept of the mind and
can be put on (digital) paper, but since only the original inventor
conceives the whole idea – one will always fail to buy the idea and
implement it in detail.

From a vendor-side it’s a great thing to sell. Once you’ve
transfered the copyright and other documents to the customer, you don’t
have any more work on it. There’s also a way to make recurring money on
this deal by selling your time and expertise to the buyer – for more
assistance in the time he takes to use or implement the idea. (This is
the sale of a service)

2. Products

There are two kinds of products, digital and physical. With the
everchanging world it might be that we’ll soon see another form of
products, in the form of thoughts or mind-state that one can buy. For
now we’ll stick to what we currently know.

Digital products don’t cost a dime to create, store or send to the
customer. If you have your own webhosting, an email account and access
to the internet – you can start creating and selling products that are
a (near) 100% profit. Traditional, offline businesses would refer to
these as cashcows. However in this era, they’re known as the standard
for making quick profits. This also resulted in the coming of many
scammers, thiefs and wannabe’s amongst all the other business owners.

Physical products overall enjoy more perceived value and buyers are
less likely to ask their money back if they don’t like the product. The
time that’s needed to return the product and the shipment costs are a
burden for them. From a marketing/sales perspective physical products
are great, since you can easily put in a salesletter or special offer
and enjoy more attention and thus sales from it.

Although they cost a bit, the current technology also brought the
costs down quite a bit. Thru online sources you can have your products
created ‘on demand’ for a few dollars. You can also outsource the
shipping, tracking and even after-sales support. These kind of products
can be a great addition for any internet business.

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