Online Retailers Take Stock

Online Retailers Take Stock

JULY 12, 2007

If you thought counting goods on a shelf was tough….

happens when an online shopper doesn’t find what she wants? Like many
retail shoppers, she goes to another store, according to "The Online
Inventory Impact Survey." The survey was commissioned by the e-tailing group and BetweenMarkets and conducted in May 2007.

While about half of
respondents said they checked for the out-of-stock item at another
site, 56% of online shoppers also said they simply checked back later
for replenished stock, or signed up to be e-mailed when the item became


The Internet has made it easy for shoppers to check competing stores
for merchandise. With inventory management more important than ever,
83% of online retailers have real-time inventory assessment on their
product pages. Shoppers at three-quarters of online retail Web sites
can also see if an item is in stock when using a virtual shopping cart.


Retailers with both online and offline stores are now concerned with maintaining a synchronized inventory for both.

Respondents to a Retail Systems Alert Group
survey cited efficient inventory allocation as among the key
opportunities for creating customer satisfaction. Over half of
retailers selected synchronizing customer and inventory information as
a high priority.


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