Online Travel Planning Popularity Varies

Online Travel Planning Popularity Varies

JULY 13, 2007

The Web still beats other vacation planning tools.

A third of US Internet users now research and book travel online, according to the Conference Board and TNS‘ "Consumer Internet Barometer" study. The report covered US households and was conducted in the second quarter of 2007.

Two in 10 consumers used the Internet more this year than last
to research travel arrangements, and 18% increased their online
bookings. At the same time, nearly a quarter of respondents said they
used the Internet less than they did last year for making travel

Despite this flux in usage, about a fifth of US Internet users
researched their travel online and booked offline in the second quarter
of 2007.


More women than men, 21% vs. nearly 19%, used travel Web sites
solely to research their travel arrangements. However, more men than
women, 34% vs. 33%, researched and also booked their
travel arrangements via a travel Web site.


Lynn Franco of the Conference Board said, "Consumers conducting
travel research online continue to outnumber those booking online.
Among consumers whose online travel arrangements increased this year,
ease of use and instant availability are the key drivers."

Asked specifically which vacation planning method they preferred, respondents to a November 2006 survey by TravelFocused
found more than half using the Internet. That was more than twice as
many who read travel books, and three times as many who watched TV for
their travel information.


eMarketer Senior Analyst Jeffrey Grau says, "Internet-savvy
consumers are exploiting powerful resources to find information about
travel products and pricing. They like businesses to come to them, not
the other way around, with the right product, at the right time, in the
right way. This challenges travel providers to transition from a
service model based on mass consumption to one centered on creating
customized packages for groups of travelers with unique interests and

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