Online Video: Making Content Pay

Online Video: Making Content Pay

Television networks, film studios,
independent content owners, Web portals, social media sites, technology
providers, online stores, brand marketers and consumers are all joining
the Internet video revolution. They are changing the way digital
content is created, distributed, consumed and monetized.

The Online Video
report analyzes and compares the online video delivery channels that
are creating both uncertainty and a sense of opportunity among media

Some players are fearful that the widespread availability of
video content on the Internet will threaten the TV and film industries.
Others see the potential to increase revenues through a variety of
business models, including ad-supported streaming, pay-to-own
downloads, subscription services and online rentals as a boon.


eMarketer projects that by 2011, 86.6% of the US Internet population will consume online video, up from 62.8% in 2006.

In raw numbers, that means the number of viewers will rise from 114 million in 2006 to 183 million in 2011.

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