Pre-Teens Build Successful iPhone App

Pre-Teens Build Successful iPhone App

by Terrence O’Brien — Jul 2nd 2009 at 3:53PM

Apparently the children of the world are out to make us at the Switched
offices feel, well, a tad unaccomplished. When it isn’t nine-year-old Indian girls working for Microsoft, it’s 11-year-olds getting astrophysics degrees, and sixth graders getting $6.5M to fund video game ventures. Even non-prodigy children seem to stumbling across rare interstellar phenomena these days.

So it’s not that shocking that 11-year-old Owen Voorhees and his brother, 9-year-old Finn, were able to churn out an iPhone application.
Despite their pre-teen status and programming skills learned on the
fly, the duo produced a polished app that reached number 13 on the most
popular paid-apps list in Apple’s app store (education category).
application, ‘Math Time,’ is a simple flash card program that drills
kids in basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Tapping one button displays the problem, and then tapping another
reveals the answer. It’s not terribly sophisticated, but it gets the
job done.

‘Math Time’ is available in the app store for $0.99 if you wish to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit. [From: Inc.]

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